Best And Worse Places To Sit In Theatre

So normally theatres in the UK are split onto three levels or two levels sometimes! It can be really hard to choose where to sit. Everyone has their own personal preference but I am going to tell you the best places to sit and the worst places to sit.

  • STALLS This is the ground floor of the theatre and normally the largest level. A lot of the premium tickets (most expensive) are located here. Pros of the stalls: Close to the action meaning being immersed in the show. And seeing facial expressions more clearly. The legroom and confort is normally the best here. Cons of the stalls: Home to the more expensive tickets due to the great view. However if you are near the front of the stalls you tend to look up at the stage meaning neck ache and you cannot see the stage floor. At the back of the stalls the tickets are cheaper and these are good value tickets if you are on more of a budget however the reason why they would be cheaper is that the overhang of the dress circle might restrict your view. This view is more of a letterbox view.
  • DRESS CIRCLE This is the balcony above the stalls and in my opinion this is the best place to sit depending on the theatre but normally the dress circle if fairly close to the stage.Pros of the Circle: You can take in the full scope of the stage but being able to see facial expressions. You can get cheaper tickets here towards the back of the level which are excellent value depending on the theatre. Cons of the Circle: You might find the legroom is tighter here. If it is a huge theatre you might feel a little far from the action.
  • UPPER CIRCLE This is the third level of the theatre and you find the cheapest tickets here. Pros of the upper circle: Cheaper tickets, normally a good overall view of the stage. Cons of the upper circle: The legroom is normally quite bad. This level is quite high up and offers a distant view of the show. Towards the front you will probably make out facial expressions and you will have a great view if you don’t mind safety rails. Beware that this level is normally steeply raked so its not good for vertigo sufferers!
  • Overall these different levels give a different view and a different experience. Its personal preference but I hope this helps you chose!

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