Everyone’s Talking About Jamie Review

I saw Everyone’s Talking About Jamie in December 2018 and it did not disappoint!

John McRea is an incredible Jamie. He is Jamie! He lights up the stage with his natural comic flare. His infectious portrayal of Jamie was energetic, truthful and gritty. In some moments of the show his performance was heart-wrenching and you were truly invested in his Character. The casting for this show is spot on.

The shows book is very strong and Film-like. However towards the end the plot was quite predictable and I would of like to known the other characters and their stories more.But it Features laugh out loud comedy and real grit! The Songs are incredible and catchy that propel the story onwards. Some stand out moments are “Ugly in this Ugly World” Which was heart-breaking and emotional. “He’s my boy” was just as heart wrenching and is the anthem of motherhood.

This show is very film-like in the sense of how it is paced and designed. The transitions feel like a cut in the camera and the projections are very impressive to show the different locations. The lighting for this show is very realistic and suits the contemporary feel for the show.

I sat in the dress circle and the view was very good! There is a website that sells discounted Jamie Tickets! http://www.lsbo.co.uk

This show is not to be missed !

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