Eugenius Review

Row H Seat 3
  1. “An 80s Space Themed GLITTERING SHOW”

Eugenius! is a high energy ,off beat musical that gives joy to everyone who sees it. The protagonist Eugene is played by Rob Houchen. He does not disappoint. He suited the character and gave an outstanding performance.The chemistry with Janie (the love interest) is electric and exciting. Janie is played by Laura Baldwin who does not disappoint. Both of their vocals were excellent.

The story is about Eugene who writes a comic about “tough man” who gets picked up by a Hollywood producer and they want to make a film. However there are a few bumps along the way that give the story realism.

The songs and dance numbers are perfectly directed and choreographed. They are bright, brash and are in your face. The staging worked well with 3 platforms raised above the stage to create depth and make the space feel bigger. The lighting design was done well to light the fun numbers and set. It felt like a concert at times with lighting being pushed out into the audience which worked very well. Projection was also used to create different effects and visuals to help push the storyline.The music is infectious and catchy. It is done in the iconic 80s style however its not too 80s. The live band sounded slick and consisted of 6 talented musicians. The sound design worked well to create the world that Eugene was living in. 

This musical is a fun hilarious piece of theatre which is not to be missed. It received a roaring standing ovation from the audience who clearly enjoyed themselves. I can see this transferring to a smaller west end theatre after its Other Palace run. 

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