What is the Gielgud Theatre Like?

The Gielgud Theatre is a beautiful theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue.

This Blog is about what my seat was like for Company

This was my View From Row P Seat 4

This seat was very good! The legroom was okayish. I am 5ft8 and my knees were quite close to the seat in front. Also the rows are well staggered so you can see between heads. The seats are quite comfy and I could put my legs underneath the seats infront which was okay.

At the side of the Gielgud’s Dress Circle

However the Auditorium was Boiling! It was so warm !

The programmes were very affordable at £4.50 each. And I got a very good quality poster for £5!

The theatre is quite deep underground because to get to the stalls you go down the several flights of stairs from Street level! And the dress circle level is halfway down the stairs and the grand circle is up a flight of stairs.

I wondered round the theatre to get some photos here they are-

This is taken from the very back row of the stalls and it really isn’t too bad! It looks quite bad on this photo but in real life you are very close because the theatre is very cosy! You wont miss any of the set due to it all being on the same level however you will miss the band on the platform but it doesn’t detract from the show. I think the only downside to this seat is maybe the sound.

Front row of the Dress Circle just probably best seat in the house !
Front Row is such an amazing experience being fully immersed compensates for actors and objects blocking things!
The Poster

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