The King And I Review

View From Row V 38 In The Stalls

The King And I is a classic Rogers and Hammerstein musical. With a sweeping score, heart warming story and stunning sets and costumes.I think this piece might of been one of their best.

This revival of the king And I does not fail to impress. This was meant to be in the iconic London Palladium.

Kelli’O Hara plays Anna Leonowens (the school teacher). She portrays her character perfectly and her vocals are stunning. Ken Watanabe plays the King. He gives a layered performance and depth to the king. Making him complicated but lovable.

Every single song is beautifully sung accompanied by a delicious orchestra that is huge. Every scene is slick and paced well by director Bartlett Sher. He takes a realistic take on the story. The set is slick but simple. At the same time it is breathtaking on the huge palladium stage. The set doesn’t draw attention to its self, it is realistic and accurate. The costumes are stunning and the lighting design is accurate. Every aspect of the show transports you to Ciam and that time .

This show is 3 Hours long! And at time’s I thought it was slightly boring due to quite lengthly scenes with the same set. The lighting design for this show is very naturalistic and effective. Also the costumes are just beautiful with Asian clothing mixed with Huge English Dresses.

Moments in the show are simply breathtaking.This show is not to be missed!

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