How To See Theatre On A Budget?

Seeing theatre can be very expensive so I’m going to give you some tips that I’ve learnt on how to see theatre on a budget, in mainly London’s theatre land!

TIP 1- Dynamic Pricing Most theatres use Dynamic Pricing which is where if the theatre is quite empty then they will start to move Price Bands around so that ‘Band C’ is now the last 2 rows of the stalls instead of ‘Band B’. This way you get more for your money! This normally happens 1-2 weeks before the show on a Monday so always have the theatre seating plan up on your phone! This can be risky but it normally works. BUT beware that for very popular shows this probably wont work or if it is busy then it won’t happen either. This is for London theatres mostly however they can still apply to regnal venues. Booking far in advance makes you pay more for the seat than a person who has paid 2 weeks before! If you are desperate to see that show this technique is very risky. Heres an example of Dynamic Pricing of Company!

This is for a Mid-Week performance next week where they can’t sell Band A tickets at the back of the stalls so they decrease them to Band B and the very back row to Band C
This is for a Saturday performance in March and you can see that the back of the stalls is still Band A until the very back 2 rows which I predict will go down to Band C later. This helps the theatre be full.

TIP 2- Day Seating, Rush Tickets and Lotteries If you want to save money on theatre in London download TodayTix ! It offers discounted prices on selected shows and they also they offer online lotteries for very popular shows. My favourite feature on TodayTix is the rush ticket feature where on the day at 10:00 on selected shows, £25 day seats are released. If it is a popular show like Come From Away then you need to be on the app at 9:55 and be on the rush page at 9:59 so when it turns 10:00 you click straight away but you have to be quick! These are great value seats and are normally in the stalls and dress circle so you know you’ll get an amazing view. Some can be Front Row!!

Day seating is also similar to rush tickets but it in person at the Theatre. At 10am limited £25 tickets are available at the box office but I would recommend queuing earlier. People do day seat reports on a website called “theatre monkey” which tells you what time to get there for each show! Day seating isn’t at every theatre. Make sure you check the theatres website before day seating.

TIP 3- Standing Room Tickets Go to the theatre in person on the day of the performance and if they are sold out (Which normally happens on Saturdays) then they will probably offer standing room tickets for a very affordable price (£10-£15) But you do have to stand up through the performance. But if the performance isn’t sold out then ask if they have any tickets left and they’ll probably offer you a discounted seat or an unsold day or lottery seat! I would just go to the box office in person on the day just to see if they have anything.

TIP 4- Discounted Ticket Booths Beware of these to be honest because they can sometimes they can sell tickets for more money then at the theatre! But check the TKTS’s website to see which shows are discounted in 2 days in advance. These target tourists so they make a lot of money inflating prices! I was in the queue once for Jamie and the couple in front asked for Matilda and the booth offered a £90 in the UPPER CIRCLE! And they took it!!!! BEWARE!

TKTS Website

TIP 5- Set yourself a Budget Comfort Zone Every person is going to be different with this one. I have a limit to how much I spend on a ticket so I don’t go and panic buy an expensive seat! Use the tips above to help you stay within these. I think the tips above should get you a decent seat for under £35. Most seats I get are around the £20-35 mark. And sometimes for popular shows that don’t do day seats or other options your just going to have to sit in the £30 seats in the upper circle. And in London for most theatres the upper circle isn’t too bad because most theatres are under 1000 in capacity. Do research into the size of the theatre. I’ve sat in some amazing upper circle seats so don’t completely take them off your list. Upper circle seats are good for booking in advance so you know that your defiantly seeing that show if your visiting.

Useful Websites: – You can see the view your getting in advance. – Day seat info and opinions on seats in the theatre.

Thanks For Reading! Hopefully it will be helpful. Feel free to comment or message me on Instagram @unofficialtheatre.


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