Is London’s West End Turning Into Broadway?

I have thought about his a lot with huge broadway transfers such a Waitress, Dear Evan Hansen and Come From Away. In 2019 lots of shows have closed to let new ones in so the west end has had a complete makeover of new shows mainly from Broadway. To be honest this makes me quite sad because British musical theatre isn’t what it used to be like with thriving new work because people were willing to take the risk. However new theatre is emerging from very promising fringe shows. I think the only mainstream New British musicals on the west end are Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and Six which they have all done very well!

Shaftesbury Avenue

My thoughts initially came from the cancelled transfer of ‘Eugenius’ which was incredible and looked very promising for being on the West End.

On the other hand I’m glad I don’t have to get on a plane to see amazing shows like Come From Away and Waitress and pay Broadways prices. And also these musicals are reaching more people which is good.


I wish that producers in the UK would take more risks with producing more New British fringe musicals that would be mainstream! Because that is what Broadway did with Hamilton! But also there are transfers from the UK like Tina -The Tina Turner Musical and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I do think in a way Broadway is shadowing the West End with their musicals and that more British musical theatre needs to be produced! But it nice to have them shows which are very expensive on Broadway in the UK so its more accessible.

What do you think? Feel free to comment or message me on instagram @unofficialtheatre.

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3 thoughts on “Is London’s West End Turning Into Broadway?

  1. Broadway has been the center of musicals for a long time. Probably why this is happening.

    Hard to know what to say about this. I do live in the United States, but I do not have easy access to Broadway. The only access I have to Broadway are the tours- I live in Charlotte, NC, a major touring city. So I always have to wait- the wait is hard knowing what shows will be coming to Charlotte per season- on average- only see 1-2 shows a year.


    1. Hi thanks for your comment! Yeh I do see what you mean but remember in the 80s with Andrew Webber. Really! I think theatre in the uk is more accessible (might do a blog post on it!) because the tours aren’t as good but the London theatre is not to to expensive and I saw broadways prices and I couldn’t believe it! Aha very interesting topic !


      1. I mainly know theatre in the United States.

        The tours are the main way I have to theatre- the ones I saw have been have always been incredible (talking about the musicals I love). The talent I have seen has been incredible- there have been outstanding actors/actresses in those tours over here- some of the outstanding ones have been standbys and understudies.


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