Come From Away Review

I saw Come From Away at the Phoenix Theatre.

Original London Cast

Come From Away is truly something special. Celebrating humanity and kindness. I don’t know where to start with this show! 

Come From Away tells the story of the people that got stranded in Newfoundland due to 9/11 and the kindness of the residents. I loved how it was an ensemble show and you didn’t just follow 1 story, you follow loads of different stories. It is not sung through but most of it is the great music of Irene Sankoff and David Hein. The music is a folky rock and it is very unique. The whole show is very unique in it staging. It is very bare and simple which I loved.

A cast of 12 played 20+ characters with just adding or taking clothing. It was a characterisation masterclass! Even if they didn’t have the costumes I would still know that they were different people. Every cast member was superb and they did the story justice. 

This show is very human and very ‘normal’ people were on stage and you felt like you knew them. It took you to a place where you felt very at home and you really invested in each character. Heart-warming is the word for this show and when I got out of the theatre I wanted to cry with happiness. Its so feel-good.

The View From Row K Was Great!

I have never seen an audience react to a show like this on a Wednesday Night! As soon as the lights went up everyone stood up and roared with applause! Everyone stayed stood up for the playout which I have never seen before. Everyone was clapping and having an amazing time.

The design for this show was perfect with Newfoundland trees at the sides which was where the great band were. I loved the orchestration for this show, there was some unique instruments used such as: A Harmonium, Bodhran and Uileann Pipes. And a wooden back wall that was lit up beautifully with lights behind and underneath. The lighting totally transported you to different locations which was needed with only 2 tables and 12 chairs to set the scene. The cast were so quick with scene changes. It was like chair and table choreography.

I never wanted to leave the theatre, I wanted to watch it over and over again. Its really hard to pick out stand out moments but Rachel Tuckers “Me and the sky” was just incredible. “Somewhere in the middle of nowhere” was another goosebump moment and “Prayer” was so touching.

Rachel Tucker

The whole creative team have created something very special.

What did you think of the show? Feel free to comment below or message me on instagram @unofficialtheatre

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