My Stagey Few Days In London (Wednesday)

I  had two ,2-show days in London and 1 show on Friday. It got very busy at times but was an amazing fun experience. This blog is what I got up to on Wednesday!

Heres what happened:

Wednesdsay- I was seeing Folles at 2:00 at the national theatre. I got my ticket half price because I am under 18 which is a great discount to introduce theatre to younger Audiences. I sat in L40 which was £34. And had the best view. I wasn’t too far away and I wasn’t too close. Also the legroom and comfort of the seat was the best I have experienced! This was my first time visiting the national and it was such a nice experience. There was a very interesting exhibition on sets and I would love to go on a backstage tour!

The Script And Programme

The programme was £5 I think and I got the script for £9.99. The programme is the pink one underneath the script. The programme was very thick and had good info on the show. I personally really like getting the scripts and reading them because it helps me “relive” the production if that makes sense! Read my full thoughts on Follies in my review!

I saw every show on my own and I do like talking to people, so a lovely woman sat next to me and turns out she saw the original Follies 30 years ago! She was so nice and kind to me and made my trip to the national unforgettable. I do recommend talking to people in the theatre. And if you aren’t sure about seeing shows on your own then doing worry because there are loads of people who see theatre on their own. No one gives you weird  looks (I was scared about that) and you should start a conversation with the person sat next to you. 

First time visiting the National!

Anyway after Follies I had a lovely meal at Flat Iron before watching Come From Away at the Phoenix Theatre.

The Overhang of the upper circle doesn’t effect viewing.

I sat in row K 24 and the view was amazing. Its the very back row of the dress circle and you are still very close but the legroom wasn’t great but not the worse! This seat I got for £35 but I checked for later on in the run for seats and they have increased to £55! £35 seats are now at the rear of the upper circle! I got a programme which was £5.00, a t-shirt for £20 and a mug for £10.Yep. Bit excited at the march stand.The phoenix theatre is a very nice theatre but it was a bit too warm. Read my full thoughts for Come From Away in another blog post.*I loved it*

Wednesday was very successful in seeing 2 new shows and visiting 2 new theatres!

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Thanks for Reading!

9 thoughts on “My Stagey Few Days In London (Wednesday)

  1. I live in the United States, but at one point did see a musical in the West End.

    In 2015, I went to England for a pilgrimage with my church- the adult choir was in residence at Bristol Cathedral. The group spent 2 and 1/2 days in London and the rest was in Bristol. My family went up two days early, and in those extra days- on July 30th, I saw Les Mis- a dream come true.

    I have to spend my time seeing musicals on tour. Living in Charlotte is incredible as a musical theatre fanatic. It is a major touring city. Even though I don’t live near NYC, at least I have the tours.

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    1. Wow! Thanks for such an insightful comment. I’m so sad to see the original Les mis go! But I suppose new things have to come in. I would love to see something in America. The audiences would be different and so would the theatres I think aha x


      1. The tours I have seen have been incredible- the talent I have seen has been just fantastic. After all, it is my musical theatre. They are my main access to musical theatre.

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      2. It depends on the theatre- all touring theaters are different. In terms of prices- depends on where you seat- the cheapest seats are matinees in the balcony.

        Every single theatre in all the major touring cities are different- that is the unique thing about the tours. For Charlotte, we have more than one touring theatre. Still- cheapest seats- matinee in the balcony. Some theaters are bigger than others and some are smaller- just depends.

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      3. My average is 1-2 shows a year. It is always possible to get to 3, but getting higher than 3 is rare.

        So far, I have seen Fiddler on the Roof at the gorgeous Fox Theatre in St. Louis and Miss Saigon at Belk Theatre in Charlotte.

        There are two more I hope to get to. Aladdin at Belk and Les Mis at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte.

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      4. Charlotte is the main place of musicals- it is my hometown after all. Belk Theatre is Charlotte’s main theatre for shows.

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