My Stagey Few Days In London(Thursday)

This is a continued blog from Wednesday…. Show stops and SIX

So on Thursday I had a matinee of Company. I got this ticket as part of their Thursday matinee under 25 £25 ticket deal. You got a BAND A ticket for £25! So I sat in the dress circle row C 7 and the view was incredible. I do think front row is better because you are fully involved with the story. I enjoyed it more first time round from the front row.(Read my full thoughts in my review) After the song “company” the curtain came down and I knew something went wrong. But I didn’t know what. Maybe the set or lighting? But turns out that Mel Giedroyc was unwell. This was Announced by a man coming on stage and telling us in person which was quite nice to announce her understudy going on. At first I thought he was telling us we couldn’t continue with the performance and refund slips will be given out. The audience reacted well by cheering her understudy on.

View from C 7

After the late finish I rushed to the phoenix to get my t-shirt exchanged for a bigger size because they are smaller then usual in my opinion. I got a small and exchanged for a medium. Then at 6:30 I was seeing Six! I gobbled down some mcdonald’s and rushed to the Arts Theatre.

View from L8

I was so excited for Six! I heard incredible things and boy did it live up to it! I absolutely loved every minute of it. (Full review is coming soon!) It was my kind of show and I think it was aimed at my age group 14-30s but everyone was enjoying it. I sat in the Circle Slips L 8 which was the seat closest to the stage and had a great view. The queens looked at me! It wasn’t the most comfortable seat I have sat I and the legroom was a little tight. And I did take a bit to adjust to it but for the price (£31.50) it was worth it because you were so close and the sound was incredible.

At Six I bought a programme (£4.50) which had some really cool info on the show and I got a poster for £5 which I love but is smaller than my company and ETAJ one.

After the show I knew there was a 9:00 performance so I was so temped to book tickets for that evening it was that good! I am so happy this has got a home for the whole of this year. I will definitely be seeing this one again!

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