Six Review

I saw Six at the Arts Theatre on a Thursday evening and I had the best time!

I saw Six on my own and paid £31.50 for seat L 8 which is a slip at the very end and it was an amazing view! But it was a little uncoftable because it was quite upright. If you do sit in the slips choose the seats nearest to the stage because you are so close to them and you don’t have to fully lean!

L 8 view

Six is about Henry 8th’s Six wives and it is pop concert/musical/stand up comedy. It is the best piece of new British musical theatre I have seen. It was incredible! There songs were very popy and the lyrics were so clever and witty.

The top of the show introduces the queens and they want the audience to decide which queen had it worse with Henry. So each queen has her own song to tell us her story. I loved the structure of this piece, it kept you interested and it was very funny at times. The ending was also very nice and fitting. This show is only 75 minutes and those minutes fly by with 9 songs and clever dialogue between queens and they do brake the fourth wall but in a way which isn’t pantomimey. This is aimed at the “Netflix generation” says in the programme which I agree with because of the dialogue but I think all ages will enjoy!

All the songs were great! They told their stories very well and they were very “boppy”. Each queen song was distinct to their character. You felt like you were at a pop concert at times but next minute you got stand up comedy then you were at a musical.

I loved the choreography. It was so slick and well executed. The costume design for this show was very impressive. Each queen had her own style. The tight band of 4 made an incredible sound and they were on stage for the whole time on different levels which I really enjoyed. I thought the use of led strips was very clever and the lighting design was incredible that made you feel like you were in a big concert.

Cast of Six

Overall this is a great show and I could watch it for days! It is a 5* show with great songs and structure.

What did you think of the show? Feel free to comment or message me on instagram @unofficialtheatre

Thanks for reading


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