Heathers Review

Yes I know that this was last November but I had an urge to write about it because I miss it a lot.

Heathers a a very dedicated cult following and I can see why!

Heathers in the story of Veronica Sawyer who gets through high school by joining the “heathers”. Veronica falls in love with JD and seriously messed up situations surround them both.

This is a dark comedy tackling issues like teenage suicide. This show was surprisingly deep due to JD seeing wrong in the world.

I saw Heathers twice! Once in the back row of the upper circle and another in the dress circle. First time I was lucky enough to see Olivia Moore as Veronica which and she was truly amazing. You followed her to some dark places but you were 100% with her. She created a believable, charming and funny Veronica Sawyer. Playing JD was Jamie Muscato which he was terrifying at time but you also felt for him as well which is a job well done to him. Also his voice was brilliant with lighter tones and darker tones of his voice really coming though.

View From E 11 Dress Circle

This was a transfer from The Other Palace to the Theatre Royal Haymarket so the set was simple but very clever and creative. Steps and walls tuned around and they were something completely different which was so exciting and surprising that there was a different set on the other side. Also the use of sliders at the back worked really well to tell us where we were. One huge thing I noticed was the incredible lighting design. Making light boxes on the floor to show rooms and particularly in “beautiful” the lighting really drew you in because the squares moved with the characters and made hallways and different locations.

The show is set in the 80s so it was very bold and brash. The music also was in the 80s style a bit. The music by Laurence O’Keefe is an incredible rock score with heart. The sound design was very good. With it being more of a rocky score it was very loud at points. In particular the Act 1 finale!

I think I preferred Act 1 because it felt safe and was a bit like a normal musical about teens but I liked the darkness as the show progressed. The direction and choreography for this show was very impressive. And I really enjoyed the overall style of heathers. Slightly over the top at times but it shows what it is like in a teenagers mind.

This is one of my all time favourite shows and if it does come back I would highly recommend this 5* show!

Thanks for reading! What did you think of the show? Feel feee to comment or message me on instagram @unofficialtheatre !


4 thoughts on “Heathers Review

  1. I do have to watch musicals leave all the time. Living in the United States, but not close enough to NYC means tours. So I do end up missing my favorite musicals when they leave my hometown of Charlotte, a major touring city. This year- saw only Fiddler on the Roof in St. Louis when my mom and I went there to visit my grandma and in Charlotte, my mom, dad, and I saw Miss Saigon. Thankful for Charlotte- used to shows leaving- so I know what it feels like to miss a show when they leave since I have to rely on tours all the time.

    Only have seen one musical over in the UK in the West End- back in 2015. Les Mis has had this interesting pattern with me- every other year. 2013- Central Piedmont Community College (Charlotte’s community college), 2015 (West End Production: July with Valjean understudy), 2017 (US Tour with Eponine understudy- I found that to be an interesting coincidence). 2019- I have a chance to see Les Mis yet again- the US Tour is coming back to Charlotte yet a 2nd time.


    1. Thanks for such a great comment! I’m really gaining knowledge on American theatre and how lucky we are that in the UK London is a 2-3ish hour train ride from most places in England! I’m getting major heathers blues x


      1. Charlotte, NC is quite a while away from NYC. It is not that close to NYC- definitely not 2-3 hrs- even longer. Southeast United States is North Carolina. New York is in the Northeast.

        So the tours are my access to theatre- if that is my way to see musicals- I am glad. The tours I seen am been so incredible- filled with so much talent. Glad I have them.

        I am the one who is obsessed with Les Mis. I remember in 2017 being at a roadblock with that musical- originally over the summer, I was set at seeing it in Charlotte. Then I went back to my university- I found out they were taking people to see the tour in Greenville. I had to choose between seeing Les Mis in Greenville with my university or seeing the show in Charlotte- that was a tough decision- I kind of wanted to choose both. I went with Greenville because 1) it was my final year at Gardner Webb University and 2) love the Peace Center (been there before). Hard decision for a Les Mis obsessed fan.

        So after hearing that the US Tour was coming back to Charlotte a 2nd time, which I found out in 2018, this year- I am planning to see yet again this year. Les Mis is that musical- after I see it, I just want to see it yet again.

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