Tips on going to the theatre for the first time!

In this blog I am telling you about the best ways to make your first theatre trip a good one ! It’s This is mainly for London but some tips work for every theatre.

Number 1: Always leave 30 minutes before the show I always try and get to the theatre 30 mins before curtain up so you are settled down and you can fully enjoy the show. Because if your really rushing around you’ll probably not be in the right frame of mind! Also I like to go into the auditorium when the doors open because it’s nice to get in your seat and taking everything in. It’s always nice to be in your seat before everyone else and also don’t wait until 5 minutes before because you have to get everyone to stand up to get to your seat and it will probably annoy other people.

Number 2: Don’t bring huge bags! If possible I wouldn’t bring bags into a theatre because of bag checks and this will cause further delays.

Number 3: Check the date and time of your ticket! This might sound stupid but make sure you are going to the right performance because once I went to see The King And I and normally shows in the west end start at 7:30 but The King And I started at 7:00 because it was 3 hours! So always check the time. Also the date. I’ve heard people write it in their diaries on a different date and gone to the theatre and their tickets not being valid.

Number 4: Programmes, Merch and Ice Cream! I like to get programmes before the performance so I can look through the director notes and the cast. It’s always nice to get a bit of teaser info on the show. Beware programmes range from £4.50-£10.00 so make sure you take enough money if you want a programme. Also theatres tend to have merch stands so I think the most useful merch is: A Mug and The shows script (great way to relive the show!) But this is up to personal taste. Ice Cream tubs are normally sold in the interval and they cost from £3-6ish.

Hope this was useful to some people!

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Thanks for reading


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