My Favourite Musicals At The Moment!

I’ve loved musicals since I was young. I think I’m more of a musicals person then a play person I don’t really know why because I find myself waiting for a song in a play!

This list is going to be really hard to put together because my opinions change a lot over time but here are my favourite musicals at the moment in no particular order:

HEATHERS THE MUSICAL- This musical has had a massive impact on my life. It taught me a lot because I was going into Year 10 in high school when in discovered it and it changed me. My outlook on school totally changed and I think I became I nicer person because of it. That is one reason the second is how deliciously dark it is. And it is also comedic! One moment you could be laughing then crying.The show is set in high school and is about high schoolers so it is very relatable but also not always because it is so dark at times. This show has a huge heart and an incredible rocky score. I saw it at the Theatre Royal Haymarket and at times it was like you were at a rock concert. It was so loud, brash and colourful.

BILLY ELLIOTT- This musical also had a huge impact on me when I was younger. This musical made me want to become a dancer. Seeing a boy doing dance really drove me to dance classes where the majority of dancers were girls. Also the songs by Elton John are just brilliant. This show is set in the coal miners strike so it very political at the same time. This has so much realism and grit to it. But the driver is Billy Elliott striving to go the the royal ballet school and it is a great story to follow in amongst the political unrest. Solidarity is possibly one of the best numbers I have seen in a musical!

MISS SIAGON- This musical is an epic love story that you would expect to see at an opera. The music is truly delicious and sweeping. I prefer this to Les Mis for some reason which lots of people disagree with. I love the Asian flavours in the music. This show is a blockbuster of a musical with it being set in the Vietnamese war. There is gritty realism in here. I only saw the revival directed by Lawrance Connor which was very different to the original in many ways. I just think this show is so epic on the scale of opera but it is a musical. It truly heartbreaking and it dosen’t fluff around.The Kims Nightmare sequence was so intense you couldn’t breathe. It was a moment I will never forget.

SIX AND COME FROM AWAY- These two shows are very new on my list after seeing them a few weeks ago. Six is so funny and heartbreaking at times and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. So entertaining and the writing is so clever. Come From Away is so heartwarming and it is like a big hug. The music is gorgeous and the story is about true humanity and the strength of those people in such a dark time. I have never seen the audience spring to their feet so quickly at the en d of the show. This show is truly something very special.

FOLLIES- This show is also very new on my list. Since seeing it a few a weeks ago I have been listening to it non-stop! This show is so complex written by the genius Stephen Sondheim. It is one of the cleverest shows I’ve seen in a long time. The huge cast of 41 and the orchestra of 20 sounded truly spectacular. This show took me back with the complex storyline about learning to live with your younger self. Stephen writes amazingly about complex subjects about life which I enjoyed. I am a “Sondheim Covert”. Because I didn’t really pay attention to his work and it is not for everyone.

Honorable mentions- COMPANY- Great show! Complex comedy with a very interesting structure. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie- Modern Billy Elliot story, Great Music! Dreamgirls- Incredible Vocals and an a great story about the cost of fame!

I’m sure I’ve missed some of but this gives you an idea!

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4 thoughts on “My Favourite Musicals At The Moment!

  1. I went from enjoying musicals in elementary school to loving them in middle school to developing a passion for them in my first year of college- if I put my entire journey, this could go on forever.

    My favorites:

    1. Les Mis- responsible for my passion

    2. Wicked- sparked the love

    3. Annie

    4. Sound of Music

    5. Phantom of the Opera

    6. Rent

    7. Newsies

    8. Beauty and the Beast

    9. Lion King

    10. Music Man

    I have other favorites past here- South Pacific, Pippin, Fiddler on the Roof for instance. I recently saw Miss Saigon, and I really liked it actually- I can’t stop listening to some of the songs.

    I love living in Charlotte, NC- if I didn’t live there, being a musical theatre would be harder. Charlotte is a major touring city in the United States.


    1. They are. Every year- always want to see at least one musical in person. Always do due to Charlotte being a major touring city. Already got two musicals this year- Fiddler on the Roof on tour in St. Louis and Miss Saigon on tour in Charlotte (both were from Feb.)- next musical I even want to see is not coming to Charlotte until September.

      I mind it interesting how every year- the musical years are extremely different.


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