Sad About The Cows Review

I saw this as part as the working class stories at the Actors Centre in London.

This one woman show was written and performed by Michelle Payne who is a true talent.

This show is about eating disorders and follows Rachel who suffers with this. This is so relevant today with models and social media influences.

Michelle Payne gives an outstanding performance and is on stage, full of energy, for the full 45 minutes. She is very believable as the diet obsessed Rachel. Michelle has created a loveable character who you would think you know. We really got to know Rachel quickly within the first 5-10 minutes.

Michelle’s writing was so clever with very powerful poetic moments. I really enjoyed the dynamic of her talking to a Internet forum (the audience) I was constantly engaged throughout and I was totally invested in the character. This was directed well with only a small space to work with. The use of sound worked really well to help the narrative.It was funny and sad at times and I loved her character arc. Michelle’s portrayal of Rachel’s decline was very impressive and gritty. It had a very satisfying ending which I was happy about due to Rachel’s determination!

I would love to see this develop further to see other aspects of her story!

Overall I really enjoyed “Sad About The Cows” and Michelle is a true talent!

Thanks for reading!


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