Hamilton Review

Hamilton is probably the most hyped show in London at the moment. You can’t get under £100 tickets until May! They are realising tickets monthly now so follow them on instagram to get updates.

Hamilton: An American Musical is a sung-and-rapped through musical about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, with music, lyrics and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda, inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by historian Ron Chernow. I didn’t I know the story before going in and it is very interesting.

Jamael Westman played Hamilton and his performance was flawless showing Alexander when he was 20 to the end of his life. The character arc and progression is very impressive. Rachelle Ann Go played Eliza truthfully and her arc was also very impressive. Her ‘Burn’ in act 2 really tugged at the heartstrings singing it with passion and emotion as she lit the letters. Aaron Burr was played by Sifiso Mazibuko. I really enjoyed his Aaron and his ‘Dear Theodosia’ was great. Allyson Ava-Brown played the complex character of Angelica Schuyler. Her story was very interesting and I really felt sorry for her. Jon Robyns was hilarious as King George singing out the brilliant ‘you’ll be back’

This show is extremely clever and entertaining. The lyrics had so many references to other productions like Hamlet which was very impressive. Some moments in the show to mention was the exhilarating ‘Yorktown’. The choreography is absolutely genius. I have never seen anything like it in a musical! Another 5 star moment was the rewind section is ‘Satisfied’. Wow. Pure theatrical magic. Non-stop is the perfect act 1 finale to end on a bang quite literally! ‘Hurricane’ in act 2 gave me goosebumps with the brilliant lighting design by Howell Binkely. ‘Burn’ was a huge standout moment which was very emotional. Hamilton is a great ensemble show using them in a way I have never seen before. Hamilton is just such a different musical telling the epic story of Alexander Hamilton. It is staged quite simply which worked well. Hamilton is directed by Thomas Kail and he has done something very special with the show.

The music for Hamilton worked very well with clever use of Rap. There was so many genres and motifs stitched into the score which I really enjoyed. The music has introduced so many people to musical theatre which is great and it has influenced so many new musicals.

Hamilton was surprisingly quite funny but my friend who I saw it with said he needed a bit more emotion which I agreed with about the first act but not the second act. The tone was consistent throughout mostly.

Hamilton is a 5 star musical which needs to decrease their prices in order to get wider audiences to see it!

What do you think of Hamilton? Is it overhyped? Feel free to comment below or message me on instagram @unofficialtheatre

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7 thoughts on “Hamilton Review

  1. Overhyped- this is coming from a musical theatre fanatic who does not like Hamilton. I had listened to some of the songs and ended up feeling “meh” about them. I am not the biggest fan of rap and hip-hop. One of the main things that I do not like about some of the Hamilton fans is that some of them say that “if you don’t like Hamilton, you are not a musical theatre fan”- well, I don’t understand where that idea came from

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      1. It came to my hometown last year and I decided not go- because of what I thought it was.

        I still don’t understand why some people believe that if you don’t like the show, you are not a musical theatre fan- that is messed up


      2. Well, I am a musical theatre fanatic, and that passion clearly shows. How can any musical fan love every musical- you will find some musical you don’t like.

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  2. Completely agree with your point the high ticket price and lack of availability, doesn’t allow me to see it at the moment especially when you factor in travel and hotels for a trip to London and it’s such a shame. One day i’ll get there and loved your opinions on the show

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    1. Aw thanks so much for a nice comment! Yep they’re releasing tickets tomorrow I think! It’s not very accessible but people are getting introduced to theatre by it being on YouTube and Spotify


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