Monthly Roundup- February

I’m starting a new blog series where I talk about what I got up to in the last month. This was Blog is about my highlights in February.

So for the first part of February it wasn’t very busy in terms of theatre. But the second half was intense. In February I saw 5 shows in the space of 3 days! 1 of them was the BEAM brunches at the other palace which was were loads of new composers of musicals performed a song from their developing musical! There was some very promising work there.

So in the three days I was in London I saw : Follies, Come From Away, Company and Six and Company was the only show out of all 4 that had an interval! I think this is starting to become a trend in theatre. All of these have reviews up so go check them out! I had 2 days of two show days if that makes sense. It was quite tiring but I enjoyed it so much. I went on Wednesday and came back on Friday

I saw all these shows on my own and it was so much fun. Don’t doubt if you want to the theatre on your own! I think it’s more enjoyable because I’m not worried about if my friends like it.

I ticked 3 new theatres off the list: The National, Phoenix and Arts theatre. These were all so different and I loved the National because of the legroom and comfort of the seats.

I got my Follies tickets from the National Theatre’s Friday Rush which is where at 1pm they release £20 tickets online for the following week. I bought my Come From Away tickets on the AGT website for £35. I was sat in the back row of the dress circle and the view was great. It’s a smallish theatre so you won’t feel miles away from anywhere. Then I got my Company ticket from the under 26 discount on Thursday matinees. So you can get £25 tickets that were Band A(£70+) I sat in Row C of the dress circle. For Six I bought my tickets directly and got a slip seat closest to the stage for £31.50. I was so close to the queens but the slip seats are quite uncomfortable.

I’ve booked another trip to Follies for March before it closes and if you haven’t seen it, get yourself down to the National because it is a once in a lifetime production. I doubt I will see a production like Follies again done in that grandeur.

What did you get up to in February? Feel free to comment below or to message me on Instagram or Twitter @unofficialtheatre

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup- February

  1. Feb. was my St. Louis trip with my mom to see my grandma. During my St. Louis trip, I saw Fiddler on the Roof at the gorgeous Fox Theatre.

    2nd musical was Miss Saigon; saw it with mom and dad.

    Also ended up watching Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time; already love the series due to reading the books years prior, just never watched them before- now want to own the trilogy.

    That was my Feb.

    On my blog, I do a month in review as well- no matter how little or how many highlights I have.

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