5 Reasons To Watch NT’s Follies

  1. The Pure Art Of Follies Follies lost all its investment when it was in New York and London because of the sheer financial cost of a huge cast, gorgeous costumes, spectacular sets and a huge orchestra. Follies is just the pure art of Musical Theatre. It not commercial and it wasn’t made to make loads of money whereas shows nowadays are I think are just too commercial and are made to make money. This is when the art fades away!
  2. Stephen Sondheim Stephen Sondheim is truly a genius writing this highly intelligent and complex show. He makes bold statements and gets to the true grit of life. The score of Follies is one of the best ever written! His lyrics are so clever and tell us so much about the characters. With an orchestra of 20 his delicious music is played well with no cutbacks! You get the full string and brass and the whole sound is the b best in town.
  3. The Cast There is a huge cast of 41 which absolutely shine throughout. Joanna Riding portrays the shattered Sally impeccably with grit and gives an acting masterclass as well as the Iconic Janie Dee who has great comedic timing and sas. I felt so lucky to see them sing, dance and act. Alexander Hanson and Peter Forbes are just as incredible. It is perfectly cast with Tracie Bennett delivering a tour de force performance of I’m Still Here.
  4. Creative Team I am so fascinated by the direction of Dominic Cooke because there was always action on the vast Olivier Stage but you were always focused on the action he was making you look at. The designer Vicki Mortimer has done a brilliant job on the set and costume. I absolutely love the set for follies with sections of theatre walls crumbling and rotating. It was so cinematic and visually stunning. The costumes are just gorgeous with huge headpieces and glittering intricate costumes.The lighting design for this show is perfect being smoky all the time and using daily older softer lighting but using modern white lighting for the ghosts which worked very well. It was so real with huge beams of light shining through the crumbling walls. The whole team is the best in town.
  5. They do not do musicals like this anymore! I doubt I’ll see a production done on that scale! It just doesn’t read well financially. Follies is done is such a unique style and I’m scared I’ll never see a production of Follies like it because it is pure theatrical genius and art. I’ve never seen anything like Follies and it is a once in a lifetime piece of theatre. I feel so luck to have seen it twice and if you haven’t seen it you need to if you can!

Have you seen NT’s Follies? Feel free to comment or message me on instagram! @unofficialtheatre

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