The Girl On The Train Review

I saw The Girl On The Train at the Lowry on Friday night and it was great to see that it was packed with a great ranges of ages. I got my ticket as part as the Under 26s scheme that offers £10 tickets on selected seats!

We follow Rachel as she watches the perfect couple she watches through the train window every day, happy and in love. Rachel learns that the woman she’s been secretly watching has disappeared, she finds herself as a witness and even a suspect in a thrilling mystery in which she will face bigger revelations than she could ever have anticipate.

Seat A 20, Circle

The Girl On The Train hurtles at you at 100mph until the very end. It is a slick and face-paced production directed brilliantly by Anthony Banks. There was some really clever moments of direction with the use of flashbacks and slow-motion. The show is visually impressive with realistic house sets gliding on and off in a black box. James Cotterill did the set and costume and I really liked Megans costume design with black rising up her blood-red dress throughout the play. This thriller is adapted for stage by Rachel Wagstaff and it is adapted from the Paula Hawkins book of the same name. I loved some elements of the book with heart wrenching monologues and intelligent writing. This play keeps you on the edge of your seat and you could feel everyone holding their breath in the auditorium!

This show stars Samantha Womack as Rachel and she gives an outstanding performance of the complex character of Rachel. Her performance is real, gritty and she is on stage for all the play driving it until the end. Olivier Farnworth plays Scott who is Megans boyfriend. He got to the real roots of this character and he went to dark places in his performance. The whole cast was very strong but a special mention must go to John Dougall playing D.I Gaskill who is the investigator. He can be funny in some scenes but then he will switch to being totally serious.

I really enjoyed Jack Knowles lighting design. It was very realistic and enjoyed the flashback scenes. The sound design by Ben & Max Ringham enhanced the tension onstage and really gave it a contemporary and thrilling feel. I didnt even realise there was projection in this show but I was wondering during the performance how different textures and backgrounds were made behind the main set. This is because of the clever projection design by Andrzej Goulding. The train scenes were done very simply with the use of video but it worked really well!

I would highly recommend this thrilling play and it a modern twist on a whodunit. However I think without all the plot-twists this play would become a tad boring! I would definitely catch this four star play touring round the Uk all 2019.

Thanks for reading! Have you seen or read The Girl On The Train? Feel free to comment down below or message me on instagram @unofficialtheatre


5 thoughts on “The Girl On The Train Review

  1. Neither.

    Last time I went to the theatre was February. Next time I even plan to go to the theatre is in September. Long break.

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    1. Aw no! I had a 3 week period where I didn’t see anything but when I went to the theatre after 3 weeks I think I appreciated it more because I missed it loads! So for a few months I don’t know what I would do 😢


      1. When you rely on tours, sometimes you have to take a few months break because the shows you want to see have a few month break.

        In Charlotte’s 2018-2019, Miss Saigon (which I saw) was in February and Aladdin (which I want to see) is scheduled in September- those are the top shows I wanted to see for that season.

        So, depends on when Blumenthal schedules the tours for Charlottes. I see the top shows I want to see- the gap can be small or large between them. Usually don’t know if I will get to all of them.

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      2. Blumenthal Performing Arts consists of more than one theatre. Belk Theatre is their main one- which has four levels- orchestra, grand tier, mezzanine, and balcony. Ballets, symphonies, and tours have been held at Belk.

        Ovens Auditorium, believe it or not, is bigger than Belk, despite having less levels. It only has two levels and three section- orchestra, mezzanine and balcony. It is deeper and wider- that is why it fits more people.

        Belk and Ovens are the two that I have been to.

        Knight Theatre and Booth Theatre are also part of Blumenthal Performing Arts. In total, you would get about six theaters. Blumenthal Performing Arts does the tours, Charlotte Ballet, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, musicians.

        The upcoming season, which starts after Aladdin: The New One, Les Mis, Jersey Boys, Once on This Island, The Play that Goes Wrong, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Come From Away, Jesus Christ Superstar, My Fair Lady, Anastasia, The New Collossus, Riverdance, Spongebob The Musical, Frozen and Wicked. Typically I would only say the musicals, so I wouldn’t have said those plays right now- right now, I can only say the ones I want to see the most (Les Mis, Anastasia, Frozen (the one I want to see the most), and Wicked). Wicked and Les Mis are repeats for me. A number of them are going to Ovens, some going to Belk, and part going to Knight.

        This is one of Blumenthal’s strongest seasons- there is a wide variety, and I believe a show for everyone- I am talking about the musicals right now.


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