Musicals To See In The West End

There are loads of shows in the West End and I know sometimes it can be a trouble trying to decide!I know It is up to personal taste but I’m breaking it down to different audiences.


I would recommend all the Disney shows in the west end like Aladdin and The Lion King but I am well aware that these are one fo the most expensive shows out there. But you do see your money on stage with stunning visuals and a classic story. An alternative to these Disney shows is School Of Rock. I think this is quite a family friendly show with Kids onstage with loads of talent playing instruments. It has something for everyone. The next one would be Wicked. This has an incredible score and special effects that everyone will love. It impresses every age with powerful vocals and a heartwarming story. Wicked is pretty expensive but you can get seats at the back for £25ish. A musical similar to School Of Rock is Matilda in the sense that it has extremely talented children onstage. This is very different to the film but it is great fun for the family.

2. Couples

I think the best show to see as a couple is defiantly The Phantom Of The Opera. This iconic production has soaring melodies and incredible staging. It has been in the west end for more than 30 years and is still going strong. This is Londons greatest love story. If you want a bit more comedy then Book Of Mormon is a great one but it is offensive and rude. It is not for the easily offended but it has great songs and brilliant dance numbers! Waitress is a Romantic Comedy which will please any couple. It is so funny and has delicious songs by Sara Barreilles. Waitress is my favourite musical! The whole theatrical experience will never leave me with getting milkshakes and pies. And the whole theatre smells of apple pie!

3. Tourists

Tourism in London is huge and the theatre rely on the tourist audience so if you want a memorable theatre experience on Londons glittering West End this is the list for you. So I would say that the other long running show Les Mis is a great one to watch but it is closed for Refurbishment and the concert is mostly sold out! Another one would be Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. This feel good musical has catchy songs, a heartwarming story and It is very British. Mama Mia has been in the West End for 20 years and it will be pleasing audiences for more years to come. This is a feel good musical which you will be singing and dancing out of the theatre. Another Musical similar to Mama Mia is Mowtown-The musical. They both have songs you’ll know in them.A really special Musical which I think everyone should see is Come From Away. This musical tells the story of the people of Gander in Newfoundland who housed thousands of people when the planes got diverted because of 9/11. There are so many special stories woven into this musical and if you come to London this has to be at the top of every list!

Thanks For Reading! Feel free to comment below what show your seeing next!


3 thoughts on “Musicals To See In The West End

  1. Crazy seeing Aladdin, Les Mis, and Wicked here- those are three of the musicals I hope to see coming up: September and October/November (don’t know what month) 2019 and December 2020 on tour.

    I remember July 30th, 2015 when I saw the Queen’s Theatre, it felt surreal. It felt like a dream- it felt that way all the way up to before I heard the first notes. Those first notes told me- this dream is coming true and will be more than excepted. The orchestra in my eyes is a character in a musical. Les Mis fit perfectly into the pilgrimage- I went on Valjean’s spiritual journey the night before I went on my spiritual journey. 2013, 2015, and 2017 were the years I saw Les Mis.

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      1. Halton Theatre, Queen’s Theatre, and Peace Center are incredible theaters. You would be surprised that Halton is just a community college theatre. Halton- that theatre has no bad seat, and you would go in, and you are thinking “there is no way I am at a community college”. In the orchestra, you feel like you are close to the action no matter what row you are sitting at, and the balcony has no bad seat either.

        Peace Center- it has incredible acoustics. I saw Les Mis in the balcony with Gardner Webb University. I could hear the actors/actresses when they were at their quietest, I believe I could hear just a tear at the end of a song, just how a certain word was song, there never was a bad seat in the house. Peace Center is one of the best touring theaters I have been.


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