Is Hamilton Overhyped?

Yes I know that this is very controversial but I think it is a really good discussion.


So on one hand when I saw Hamilton I was pretty blown away! There isn’t a piece of theatre like it and it was so new and was full of energy and genius. But I do think that ALL the hype is a tad strange because I have seen theatre just as impressive as Hamilton and it hasn’t had as much hype. There are easily just as good musicals out there and they don’t get the hype they deserve which is quite sad and sometimes they end up being flops or just having a very short run.

I went to see Hamilton with my Dad and he said that it was weird clapping before a performance started so at that point he labelled it overhyped. But I said this what happens now like in Jamie and Come From Away. What surprised me the most in the Royal Circle was that most of the audiences were over 25s! And a lot were over 40. This isn’t a bad thing but I think it is due to the eye watering ticket prices! And only a certain section of society can choose to spend £200 a ticket! And this is normally the over 40s group. So my Dad said where are all the young crazy fans? This struck a chord because I thought it had a really big young cult following and some of them can only see it in bootleg form. This needs to be changed! But he still thought is was good but he didn’t get all the hype about it! Personally I would say Hamilton isn’t my favourite musical in the world because I don’t really connect to historic and political musicals. But it’s not to say it’s not good!

This is what I love about theatre how it is all subjective and everyone is entitled to their opinion! I hope everyone will respect this.

My Trip to Hamilton 2019

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts on Hamilton? Feel free to comment below or message me on instagram @Unofficialtheatre


5 thoughts on “Is Hamilton Overhyped?

  1. Hamilton- In my opinion, they are too overhyped. Some of the fans have said that those who don’t go to Hamilton are not a musical theatre fan. It look like the prices- how can any one see the musical?. I am not interested seeing Hamilton- I heard some of the songs- rap and hip-hop are not my cup of tea. Hamilton- I think that musical is the reason why some musicals leaving Broadway because they are saving money for Hamilton.

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