West Side Story 2020 Encore Info

One of my favourite theatres, The Royal Exchange Theatre is thrilled to announce that their current sold out run of WEST SIDE STORY will return to the stage in 2020 due to unprecedented popular demand. Recognised as one of the world’s most iconic musicals, tickets for Sarah Frankcom’s reimagining of this Broadway classic, with new choreography by Aletta Collins, have been in high demand from the moment the production was originally announced and were close to selling out before the previews had even begun. Opening to critical acclaim and loved by Manchester audiences  the Exchange is delighted to confirm that this celebrated production will be back next year running from Saturday 18 April – Saturday 23 May 2020.

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Royal Exchange Artistic Director Sarah Frankcom said:

West Side Story was such a radical piece of work when it was first staged and I’m delighted that our new production has caught the imagination of today’s audiences, and that the electricity of it all – the story, the music, the dance – is still so urgent in 2019. The demand for tickets has been incredible so to be able to bring the show back next year and give people another opportunity to see Leonard Bernstein’s masterpiece is fantastic. Our unique in-the-round theatre brings viewers right into the action and to be able to do that all over again with a new audience is really exciting.

Casting for the 2020 production is yet to be confirmed and will be announced in the autumn along with further details of the production and the Spring/Summer season in full. Tickets are on sale to members from today and the public from Tuesday 30 April 2019, it is a stand-alone production and will not form part of the Royal Exchange Spring/Summer 2020 season ticket package.

8 thoughts on “West Side Story 2020 Encore Info

  1. West Side Story hasn’t been on Broadway or toured the US for a long time. I am a mixed bag about West Side Story- like it enough to get the music, but not enough for it be on my favorite list.

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      1. West Side Story is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. I thought something felt off about the dance element- which is supposed to be a huge element of the musical. I want to see the stage show to see if my opinion changes- especially towards the dance.

        I am someone who dislikes Romeo and Juliet, but likes West Side Story.

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    1. The main musicals I love on screen are the musicals I fall in love with through the films. Those become meaningful that way. Some musical films work while others don’t.

      But the stage musicals are more powerful- what can beat the power of live theatre.

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      1. That is hard to fully explain. On screen, there is only one way conversation. But in live theatre, there is a two way conversation, and you never see the same thing twice- the atmosphere, I guess

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