My Typical London Theatre Weekends

In this blog I will be talking about my weekends in London and how I like to book tickets, hotels etc..

Trains-I make sure I pick a suitable time to get into London! For me I like to get a 9:00 train from Manchester and it gets me in at around 11:00. Perfect timing to get to the hotel and leave your cases ready for the matinee. Having a 1 or 2 show day is totally up to your choice but to see as many shows as I can whilst I’m down there. I normally go to London once a month but sometimes it can be more! On tramline they do discounts and offers throughout the year so always keep an eye on prices. When I need to book something I will always look at the prices for a few days to see if they get cheaper or expensive. This can be a gamble but it normally pays off!

Hotels-When I book my hotel I always go with Travelodge because they seem to have satisfactory rooms and with a good price. The London Central City Road hotel is discounted normally so it is around £70 depending on the time of the year. Once I was looking at hotels earlier in the morning and they were quite a lot cheaper for the next night but this depends on how full the Hotel is. To stay in the Theatre Land area it will be very expensive so I don’t really mind spending 10-20 mins on a tube or bus! I only stay 1 night from Saturday to Sunday but I have done 2 nights before and I enjoyed seeing more shows.

Tickets- This really does depend on the show but I book tickets quite late however if it is a quick selling show then I would book in advance. Theatre’s normally do something called dynamic pricing where the prices go down as the performance I gets closer. This is a really good tip but make sure you are checking the website all the time to get there best value! Another thing I do is scour the third party websites as well because they sometimes do discounts on shows that aren’t doing so great ticket wise! Be careful of these sites because they sometimes charge more than the official website. Sometimes I do go to the discount booths but always make sure your not being ripped off! TodayTix is a really good app and it has a feature called Rush Tickets. These are normally £20-25 seats that they sell at 10:00 but you need to be on the app at 9:59 to make sure you get them because they go quick! I always use this feature to see more shows.

I like to have a 2 show day on Saturday and sometimes I like to see the Sunday shows however the selection of shows is much more limited. Its normally family shows that do a Sunday Matinee like School Of Rock and Matilda! Check online to see which shows are performing on Sundays. If I don’t want to see a show on Sunday then I like to go the the Theatre Cafe and walk round all the theatre’s in London.

The next trip to London I am seeing Waitress again and Only Fools and Horses The Musical!

Are you seeing any shows soon? Feel free to comment below or message me on instagram and twitter!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “My Typical London Theatre Weekends

  1. No, I am not. Hadn’t been to the theatre since Feb. Most likely not going to the theatre again until September- that is when I hope to go again- the next musical I hope to see with Blumenthal is Aladdin- September is when it is coming.

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      1. I have to rely on the tours. What I see mostly has to do with what shows Blumenthal brings to Charlotte. I always have the main shows I hope to see.

        Still am thankful to live in Charlotte, a major touring city


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