The Importance Of Being Earnest Review

I went to see The Importance Of Being Earnest at the Albert Halls as part of the Bolton Octagon’s Out and About season and it was great!

It is a domestic comedy by Oscar Wilde set in the Victorian era. This production ,directed by Suba Das, oozes class and style.

The cast is lead by Dean Fagan and Jack Hardwick who play Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncreiff. They had great stage presence and they got the Victoria comedy right. Sarah Ball played the stiff Lady Bracknell very well and I love the way she commanded the stage. Melissa Lowe and Elizabeth Twells player the two love interests and they were hilarious in the garden scene towards the end of Act 1. It was a masterclass in physical comedy.The whole cast is very strong and they really understood Oscar Wilde’s comedy style.

I really enjoyed the style of this production, the comedy was set nicely in the dialogue and situation of the characters. The whole piece was exaggerated which fitted with the comedy. I really enjoyed the start to the piece with a “vogue-esque” sequence which was brilliant stylised touch. The sound design by Annie May Fletcher was very fitting and had a modern touch which brought a nice energy to the production. Throughout the production the photo sections were very clever and were placed in key moments. The scenes were always very kinetic and they had energy and pace. Obviously the writing, by Oscar Wilde, is so clever and funny.

This production is At the Albert Halls so naturally it immerses you into the story. I felt like I was in the drawing rooms of a grand Victorian house! The set design ,by David Woodhead, has stripped the stage back to its bones. So it has beautiful Victorian walls surrounding it. Another element I enjoyed was the old photography lighting onstage as part of the set. It stitched the Victorian photography aesthetic together very well. The costume design, also by David Woodhead, was just stunning. It is a visual feast for the Victorian era!

This Four Star comedy is a classy and clever production which is not to be missed! It is at the Albert Halls until the 15th June! If you are between 13-25 you can get £5 tickets and the Octagon’s new season has been announced! So head over to their website

Have you seen The Importance Of Being Earnest? Feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram @unofficialtheatre

Thanks for reading!


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