What to see in London- Summer 2019

There are so many types of shows now in London and it can be daunting to choose as a lot are expensive. I will be focusing on families because these ticket prices add up to a big amount of money when there are more than 2 people. These are in no particular order but I will start of with younger families to older families.

  1. Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat This quick fast paced musical will zip by and you will be finished before 10! It is at the legendary Palladium with a stellar cast. This musical is a perfect introduction to musicals as the show is written from a perspective of a child with colour and energy being thrown at it! Featuring incredible lighting, sets and costumes this show isn’t the cheapest. I haven’t seen an y deals around for this but you can get a partial restricted view for around £25 on the official LW Theatres Website.
  2. The Disney classics: The Lion King and Aladdin The Lion King is perfect for everyone in the family, but it is still quite expensive. You could risk it and get a deal from TKTS Booth in Leicester Square. Aladdin is closing at the end of summer so there are some discounts floating around, check discount box offices in London for last minute deals however always have the official website on your phone to check that your not being ripped off! Aladdin is a huge spectacle and its special effects are stunning
  3. School of Rock This very entertaining musical is great for everyone in the family, it features extremely talented children and a hearty story. It isn’t too expensive, I would look on the official website to have look at pricing and availability. You cannot go wrong with School Of Rock!


If you want a bigger list of more shows with pricing check TodayTix out which is a simple, reliable way to get tickets for all shows. It will also give an age recommendation!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment what shows your seeing this summer!


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