My Thoughts On Waitress

I’ve already reviewed Waitress but with Kat Mcphee starring in it. I wanted to see what the new cast was like and they did not dissapoint! So this is just a cast review: 

Lucie Jones has taken on one of the most demanding roles in the West End which is Jenna. I cannot describe how perfect she is in this role! She plays Jenna with such raw emotion and heart that you are absolutely devastated when she gets to “She Used To Be Mine” which is the climax of the piece. She adds such warmth with her character but contrasted it with high emotion and depth in scenes with Earl. I would recommend seeing Waitress just to see Lucie in the role because its one of the best performances I have ever seen and I was mind blown! I was tearing up many times throughout the show which didn’t really happen when I saw it last, I really connected and rooted for Jenna.

Johan Persson

Marisha Wallace and Laura Baldwin were in the previous cast and they were just as good as I remember. Blake Harrison was great playing the role of Ogie and I was very surprised at his voice which was very strong! I have to say though I am not a huge fan of Ogie’s character. David Hunter is still going strong playing Dr. Pomatter who is hilarious and awkward. Lucie and David’s chemistry was on fire the afternoon I saw it.

Overall a brilliant trip to the diner for £25! Dont miss this 5 star musical at the Adelphi Theatre!

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