My Thoughts On Thriller Live

I have finally seen Thriller Live and I wanted to share some quick thoughts on it with you!

So Thriller Live is NOT a musical, if you have seen a show on a cruise ship then it is similar to that. I would call it more of a concert but your not allowed to go on your phone or take photos. It is one of the only shows that do a Sunday evening so if you are planning a stagey weekend this can fill your Sunday night slot because it is actually a lot of fun. I would describe it as enjoyable, its not life changing or jaw dropping but a nice and easy watch.

But with tickets starting at £29.50 it is not a cheap night out but at times it really does feel like it. I spent £15 on my ticket thanks to the TodayTix flash sale and I wouldn’t spend more then £25 too see this. I have seen other discounts floating around so don’t pay full price! Act One started and the overture is one of the best bits actually! This set the bar but there was a lot of bits below this opening. They passed 5 mins by getting the audience to stand up and dance! It wasn’t too fun standing up in the steep upper circle thinking you were gonna catapult into the stalls. There is quite a large cast and there are singers and dancers. The singers were okay, some were good but some were quite weak. However the dancers were brilliant and the choreography really lifted the show. There are some nice touches when we go out of the song into an extended bit of music or dance break. The set is quite simple but works with dated video design on LED screens all over the set.

Act Two started and by the end I did think it was way too long, Act One had about 3 or 4 songs that no one had heard or cared about. The finale was probably 10 minutes which I wanted to run away from. The running time is 2 hours and 20 minutes which is the time of your average musical with a story but when it is just songs sometimes it can get a bit tedious. But there is a lot of energy and toe tapping songs and I really enjoy Micheal Jacksons music so I loved hearing them live from a small band.

If you are planning on seeing it make sure to check on a website called Seat Plan before booking your seat to check what your view is like because there are quite a lot of restricted seats in the theatre. It isn’t a huge theatre so you wont be too far no matter where you are.

Overall I enjoyed myself (mostly in act one) and it isn’t as bad as everyone thinks lol! It is a real crowd pleaser and money maker but does need a little updating. When it is on the same street as Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and Les Mis it needs to be better.

Thanks for reading! Have you seen Thriller Live? Feel free to comment below or message me on instagram @unofficialtheatre


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