My Thoughts On Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom has been running in the West End now for 33 years I think and it is still selling out! Ive not seen any discounts flying around either. I saw Phantom at the back of the upper circle and it was a bargain for £25 to see this spectacular production. I was sat at the very side so I did miss on some key bits but i’ve seen it before so it didn’t really bother me.

You would think a show thats been running for so long would feel dated and tired and it didn’t feel like that at all. I was blown away with the 5 star cast they have! Kelly Mathieson plays the role of Christine with strength and vibrancy. Her Christine is so real unlike most who play her like a princess. She really steals the show with her powerful vocals that soar above the orchestra.  The Phantom was played by Josh Piterman. I really loved Josh as the Phantom, I felt for the Phantom and he seemed more like a real human to empathise with, his vocals were perfect and the final lair was spine tingling!

The staging is so clever and its a spectacle as well as being a minimalist design which is mind-blowing. Beautiful drapes drop in dramatically and push us through the story and it is a feast for all senses. The direction by Hal prince is spot on and is incredibly clever. The story could be a tad strange to some people but its really how you view it. The music, by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is great and has some soaring melodies but it can be very repetitive at times. If I saw it for the first time might be a bit confused because it isn’t extremely clear and it can be episodic at times, so I would recommend reading the plot a bit before. It has many goosebump moments throughout and it is so theatrical. There is not a show like this in the West End, it has suspense, romance, drama and comedy. Everything you want for a show in London. 

Seating advice: The upper circle isn’t far away from the stage at all so if you are on a budget I would highly recommend these seats but you do have to know you will miss bits. The central block of the upper circle would be a great view as well because you have full view of the chandelier and the stunning set.

Have you seen Phantom? What are your thoughts on it?

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One thought on “My Thoughts On Phantom Of The Opera

  1. Yes, seen this musical. Only seen the Phantom of the Opera during the US Tour. I started to fall in love with the musical by music alone and later by the stage show. I was spellbound from start to finish when I saw it and got choked up.I got to see to see it at the Peace Center (which is a wonderful theater) in Greenville.


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