My Favourite Moments Of Wicked!

Wicked is my favourite musical and I just saw it for the fifth time in London. In this blog I will tell you my favourite moments of Wicked!


  1. No One Mourns The Wicked is a perfect opening number. The curtain rises and we see the ensemble come to life in the murky opening image of smoke and mystery. It sets up the story so well and from that point you know what your in for. I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t seen it but it comes full circle at the end when we come back to this scene but it a slightly different and mournful way.
  2. My next favourite moment is The Wizard And I which is one of my favourite songs. The song just builds and builds until the incredible climax. It sets up Elphaba’s intentions and wants in life so well. It is just Elphaba on stage singing the hell out of this massive song.
  3. The Dancing Through Life sequence is so well done. It is the main ‘dancy’ number of the show and Wayne Cilento’s choreography is insane. He’s created his own dance language for this show. It is a mix of all dance styles blended into this weird and wonderful style. The orchestrations in this section are some of my favourites in the show.
  4. I’m Not That Girl is such a beautiful moment of the show. It starts the love triangle between Glinda, Fiyero and Elphaba which weaves its way through the story.
  5. The lights in One Short Day really blew me away when I first saw it because they turn some of the front of house lights on green so it is really bright.It is so effective because Wicked has quite a suggestive set, it doesn’t show everything in Oz but it shows enough. I love the Wicked set because one thing comes on and it suggests a different location. It is so fluid and everything is consistent with the clock and mechanic motif in the set.
  6. Obviously Defying Gravity is the best Act one finale! No more to be said on that perfect moment


I Would say Act Two is more serious and dramatic then Act One, it is much shorter then Act One but it concluded the story in an epic way.

  1. I like the opening at the start of Thank Goodness where we kind of go back to opening theme but instead of No One Mourns The Wicked, they say Save Us From The Wicked.
  2. Now The Wicked Witch Of The East is sort of a sung through conversation between Elphaba and Nessa Rose. Unfortunately it is not on the cast recording and its one of my favourite songs. It is so dramatic and in this song we start to see more of the link between Wicked and The Wizard Of Oz. I really love this scene and the transition between this scene and Wonderful always gives me goosebumps. We sort of cross cut into this magnificent ball scene with stunning costumes and swelling music. But its only about 30 seconds long.
  3. As Long As Your Mine is such an intense duet between Fiyero and Elphaba but its at the end of this scene that I love.Which is the sound and projections of the twister. It is so loud and it is such a wow moment! (And its quite scary)
  4. Another amazing moment is the transition between the scene before No Good Deed. Glinda shouts Fiyero and Elphaba comes up in a lift and shouts Fiyero and they overlap. Elphaba starts to sing my favourite song of the show. No Good Deed which is so fierce and it is so witchy. Stephen Schwartz is really showing off in this song with very complex music. It is so dramatic and full of desperation.
  5. For Good is a beautiful and delicate duet between Elphaba and Glinda. It is like a reflection on their friendship throughout the show. I don’t want to spoil what happens after this.
  6. The Finale of Wicked is clever because we go back to the opening but it has more of a sad feeling about it and I love the bit where there are silhouettes of the ensemble on the clock backdrop and Glinda is back in her bubble but not as happy.

What are your favourite moments of Wicked? Feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram or twitter @unofficialtheatre

Thanks for reading


One thought on “My Favourite Moments Of Wicked!

  1. A 13 and 1/2 year love- hard to believe- fell in love with Wicked August 2006.

    Some of my favorite moments:

    – Wizard and I

    -Dancing Through Life

    -I’m Not That Girl

    -One Short Day

    – Defying Gravity

    -As Long as Your’e Mine

    -For Good

    Wicked did change me for good. Elphaba, Fiyero and Glinda means a lot to me in particular Elphaba- those three are the only characters in that musical I have an emotional connection to.


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