Wuthering Heights Review

Emily Brontë’s extraordinary novel WUTHERING HEIGHTS unleashed a love that was raw and uncontained, wild, brutal and all-consuming. In this new adaptation by Bruntwood Prize winning writer Andrew Sheridan Cathy and Heathcliff are seen afresh, as unpredictable as the moors and bound by an energy that is palpable.  At my favourite theatre venue The Royal Exchange!

This pulsing, atmospheric production wraps you up and transports you to the Yorkshire Moors. This new adaptation is real and cuts to the truth, but it is still stunning and has a contemporary flair to it through music and design. The energy from the actors bursts of the stage and you are enthralled into the action. I don’t want to ruin the plot but there are many big themes stitched into this brilliant piece such as: Jealousy, Classes, Revenge, Love and much more which will keep you thinking for a long time.The moody lighting Design by Zoe Spurr moves us to inky locations in seconds with film like cross cuts. It gives the piece pulsing energy especially in act two.

The direction by BRYONY SHANAHAN was full of creativity and thought, capturing the energy of the Yorkshire Moors onstage was a feat in itself. The stunning design (By Cécile Trémolières) also helped this, with plants, rain and beautiful light strips that floated in the air. These lights provided some really clever symbolism throughout and added a contemporary edge. Stirring and atmospheric live music by Alexandra Faye Braithwaite (Performed by  Sophie Galpin & Becky Wilkie beautifully) heightened emotions to another level onstage which became another character in itself.

Brilliantly acted by a wonderfully diverse cast of 7 there was not a weak link at all, I must mention RAKHEE SHARMA who gave a mind blowing performance of Cathy. Her layered performance was full of light and shade. ALEX AUSTIN as Heathcliff portrayed the huge character arc wonderfully both performances had some brilliant moments throughout of intense emotion.

This 5 star production is very entertaining and keeps you under its spell for 2 brilliant hours, on until 7th March you really do not want to miss this fantastic production

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