The Comedy About A Bank Robbery Review

Mischief Theatre’s The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is a highly entertaining play that makes the two hours fly by! I highly recommend this play to everyone and especially for taking new people to the theatre! 

Directed by Mark Bell and Nancy Zamit with 5 star creativity, there were many times where I was amazed by the genius of their work. I always thought “How did they come up with that!” No spoilers but the vent scene in act 2 was Jaw Dropping!

The slapstick comedy is so clever and witty and the fantastic cast of 9 deliver it full of energy and playfulness, Ashley Tucker provides some brilliant sharp vocals which heightens the energy on stage, Joey Hickman’s music fits the 60s comic book aesthetic perfectly. It combines with brilliantly saturated lighting design by David Howe and clever set design by David Farley to create brilliant comic book-esque visuals with exaggerated angles throughout the set to compliment the whole aesthetic. Written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields they will leave you crying with laughter throughout with fantastic sequences which really wow you. 

I got tired from smiling so much, I had so much fun. The story has loads of pace and there wasn’t a time where my thoughts drifted from the play. The energy never dropped for 2 hours which is a brilliant job from the cast, it was very physical with some cool stunts that were hilarious and I loved the jokes strung throughout which was so clever.

I really recommend you see this before it sadly closes on the 3rd May, if your going to London on the weekend then they do two shows on a Sunday which is so good because not many shows do Sunday performances! I couldn’t think why you couldn’t like it!

Thanks for reading, have you seen The Comedy About A Bank Robbery? Feel free to comment below!


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