How To Get Cheap Tickets To See Harry Potter and The Cursed Child!

I FINALLY GOT A TICKET! This was a last minute trip to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in London at the stunning Palace Theatre. It is split into two parts so you watch part one in the afternoon and then part two in the evening so it is a magical two-show day! The overall combined run time is a whopping 5 hours 20 mins! A Feat of theatre. An epic experience you will never forget.

This was the last show I saw before the west end closed down. The day before I saw it I checked the Nimax Theatre website which is the official website. Only buy tickets from the official website for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. I took advantage of “dynamic pricing” which is where the price bands lower so you get a better seat for less money. With Covid-19 the prices were very tempting. I sat in Row C of the grand circle which is normally priced around £60 per part. This was my view from C 35:

I got this seat for £20 per part which is more then half the normal price. Booking the night before is a bit risky but well worth it with how much I saved. The view was fantastic! The Palace Theatre has 4 levels and I was in the 3rd level and I could still make out facial expressions. These tickets can get so expensive because you are paying for two shows in a way. To get everything out of “dynamic pricing” I would check the website everyday a week before the performance you want to see. You will get so much more value for money if you book closer to the performance. It isn’t selling out as often because it has been running for a few years now.

The Palace Theatre Auditorium

It is a really tall theatre, I went up to the balcony (The fourth level) an it was frighteningly high up, you would only see tops of heads but I don’t think you would miss any magic. Another way to get cheap tickets is the Friday Forty lottery where you can win £20 front row seats but it is very competitive. I have entered every Friday for the past few months and never won! But it was worth the wait. A full review will be coming soon now that I have bags of time on my hands.

Thank you for reading! Have you seen Harry Potter and The Cursed Child? Feel free to leave a comment below, stay safe!


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